Looking for Enertion R-Spec Motors

I’m looking for the blue Enertion R-Spec motors. If you have 1 or 2 motors I’m interested. I am will to Trade or buy them. Please email me @ [email protected] if you have some you’re willing to let go of.


I’d love a pair if anyone is Sydney / AUS has a couple.

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i have a used big boy 6374 motor from enertion pics coming soon

@monkey32 has some I believe?

Please let me known. If you do I’m very interested in buying it.

Yes. Please let me know. Im definitely interested in a trade or buy whichever you prefer

Hi DJ25,

if Hoeksame or Monkey32 doesn’t get the good one, I got two brand new old 6355 R-SPEC collector, never running !


Those are beautiful. Collector’s items for sure.

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Wait, are you selling?

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If there is any interest in two brand-new Enertion R-Spec motors, with a side of electric longboard :slight_smile: I have a brand-new, unridden Raptor 1 (in the box) that I’d consider parting with (Palo Alto, California).


Sorry they’re gone mate :wink: Im sure you will find other around here :v:

Anyone in AUS with 2 x motors to sell?