Looking for evolve GT motors [US]

Anyone have a working evolve motor? I recently shorted out one. Life’s kinda boring since it happens Located in Orlando Fl

Yeah I have. But shipping would be to difficult.

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Added location. :slight_smile:

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Why is that?

Swap them out for racerstar 150kv. Better motors and 1/3rd of the price


Yeah mine are still on the way. Gonna be like 2 weeks

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You can buy them from @hyperIon1’s store

Too bad mine r upgraded with 5mm bullet connectors

50 bucks

:arrow_up: make sure to get the 140Kv version and not the 200Kv version.


That can be changed

Sold out I just checke

Yeah I ordered them a month ago. Gonna be here by the end of next month

I still have the old yellow 3 pin connectors but not the sensor ones i could solder them back on if interested but you would have to do the sensor connectors because i dont have those available

Do You still have that evolve motor for sale?