Looking for Evolve supercarve 63mm Motor Mounts

Trying to find someone who either has or knows where to get a pair of motor mounts to run 63mm motors for the evolve supercarve trucks. I know unikboards use to have some but not sure when they’ll be back. If someone also has the ability to CNC a pair, I’m willing to pay for that too.

@marcmt88 if in the US, @Idea if in the EU


I think I have some laying. Let me check it over 5h

Oh thanks, didn’t know about the marcmt88 plates. They look good but I don’t know how well those idler pulleys will work with the AT size wheel pulley. Now that I know those exist I’ll go with those if I can’t find any that has slotted motor holes.

You can easily use his motor mounts without using the idlers. Just leave the holes empty :wink:

You can also use one instead of two. You have many options.

I prefer his mount where the motor slides as opposed to the one with the “X” motor bolt pattern.

I also think @okp had them at some point

I didn’t find any on his site that didn’t use the X pattern. those okp ones were the ones I were really looking for, out of stock on unik and seemed like he hasn’t made any since early this year.

If you message @marcmt88 here, I bet he can hook you up.

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I have one set left of parallel slot that is not listed on my website :point_down:, PM me if interested.





Is it possible for you to make these in Unik style where the mount is fixed to the hangar where the screw goes… because that style u have moves a lot & it’s super annoying to deal with Unik mounts leaves only enough space for the screw so that way they won’t move anymore… image

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Reason for not making a fixed mounting hole pattern was that everybody had an ideal angle how they want on their setup. Fixed angle can be made, what angle would that be?

To prevent the mount from slippage, I recommend installing a lock washer between the motor mount and the Evolve GT mounting plate.


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I’ll give that washer a try… but I think fixed mounts are the way to go… I’ve tried alllll types of different screws/bolts & just about every locktite & eventually with all the vibration these boards endure results are the same one or both mounts move… I’m not 100% sure about the angle but I’ll ask okp for the measurements… although the ones you have are not far off…if I had to eye ball it I’ll say close the gap mid way on your mounts & that’ll work great :call_me_hand:t5:

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