Looking For Feedback on Build Design

Hey all, I’ve got a board I am putting together with the help of a few guys. We are prototyping a bit and one build is a cruiser 32"er with an ABS enclosure that will have an all black aluminum lid for the belly of the enclosure. Would love to have some feedback on the design and enclosure. I am torn from doing an All CF enclosure or a mixture of materials with ABS/Aluminum and curious to see what some of you all think.

Any input is appreciated.

The enclosure is set to Hold a 10s4p Battery and two vesc. Also using Hub motors for sleekness.



I love the enclosure! I struggle to find a matching one for my board, but yours looks smooth and clean. Good job

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Thanks Davey, what kind of board you using? :slight_smile: Can i check it out?

aha… nice. can it be thinned a bit?

Yes I believe it can be thinned out a bit or recessed into the board slightly.

I don’t know what kind of board it is, i found it in the basement and it had a nice shape and weight so i wanted to use it for my build. I’m looking forward to buy a simple ABS enclosure (slightly smaller than DIN A4 size) and put everything into it

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Any updates on this?

How did you create the enclosure? 3d printing? Wood work?

The enclosure was just 3d printed with a wood lid. I scratched the build because in the end only a 10s3p battery fit so… I’m still working on it. the electronics are hooked up and work i just need a new enclosure. Been on the back burner for a bit. Kids and work have destroyed my time.

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Sure take your time :smile: but why is a 10S3P battery bad? Not enough for your application?