Looking for Full faced helmet (TSG Pass Pro) USA

Hi guys

I got my board but have no helmet yet. I’ve heard some good things about the tsg helmets but I am having issues locating an XL one in the US.

Any suggestions?


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Whats your budget?

im open, helmets are cheaper than hospitals in my experience


There’s a 50% sale in sector 9 full face helmets

how are these in comparison to the TSG Pass’

Play around with this

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Sector 9 , TSG Pass and Triple eight are more or less in the same category and they have the same certifications.

Here’s a very useful article.

The only advantage with sector 9 helmets is that they are not EPS so you can potentially reuse them after a crash.


No. TSG is much much better in crash tests, the others aren’t in the same legue.

No, just no.

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How do you think the new olders do against the TSG pass?

I would think there about the same a protection


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Chill guys. I quoted the wrong article the first time. I am basing all I’m saying of this article.

TSG’s Pass helmet

TSG’s Pass helmet is a full-face helmet with a light fiberglass shell with EPS lining. It is designed with a wide viewing area, enabling unobstructed peripheral vision. It is ASTM F1952 and EN1078 rated, as well as being certified by the International Downhill Federation.

Venting and a lens film are meant to prevent dangerous fogging — a serious problem for helmets. Two lenses are included, one clear and the other electric silver. Both lenses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. The cheek pads are adjustable, and their liners are removable and washable, and the Pass is available in a variety of solid colors and different sizes.

Pros :

  • Full-face construction keeps the pretty on
  • Wide peripheral angle makes a safer helmet
  • Two included shields are a nice bonus

Cons :

  • The TSG Pass costs more than some comparable helmets
  • Single impact foam liner – one and done for crashes

Triple 8 Downhill Racer

The Triple 8 Downhill Racer, as its name implies, is designed specifically with the downhill speed demon in mind. The shell is hand-laid fiberglass, while the flip-up shield is shatter resistant, and its EPS liner is velvet-lined. The Racer is ASTM F1952, CPSC and EN1078 certified.

Color choices are limited to black or white, and sizes are limited to small/medium or large/x-large. A second set of included cheek pads of a different size are intended to make up the difference in sizing possibilities. Like all EPS lined helmets, it should be replaced after a single impact, whether visibly crushed or not.

Pros :

  • Full-face protection
  • Highly certified to give great protection
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight construction

Cons :

  • Lack of ventilation can cause fogging
  • Few color/sizing options

Sector 9 Drift

Longtime longboard manufacturer Sector 9 has been in the business since the beginning. The Sector 9 Drift downhill longboarding helmet is full-faced, and is CPSC and CE certified. It has a wide viewing area, and comes with a mirror-tinted, ratcheting visor. Because its lining is not EPS foam, it can take repeated crashes without sacrificing safety. There are several colors available, such as this white Sector 9 Drift. There is only one size, and interchangeable pads account for fitting.

Of course, the caveat to being able to take more than one hit is that it will not protect the brain in the event of high-speed impact. The Drift can absorb lighter blows that are still beyond what a light skateboard helmet can survive, but it is not for high-speed runs. If you are approaching the speed limit on the hill you are bombing, a more highly rated and certified helmet is necessary.

Pros :

  • Provides full-face protection
  • Can survive repeated light impacts
  • Wide viewing angle, doesn’t block peripheral vision

Cons :

  • Not for the highest-speed longboarders on the hill

It specifically says the material that Sector 9 drift is made of can be used for repeated impacts unless they’re not major. There’s also a section on Predator helmet

There’s a reason the TSG is so much more expensive. A sector 9 or triple 8 isn’t in the same league as a TSG pass. There some aspects of the TSG I would change, but as far as safety is concerned TSG is among the best.

@yelnats8j, I’ve never owned and Older. I would ask @Sender as he has been researching them.


As far as I know the New Olders helmets do not have any certifications (or did not bother to put them on their site). To get an idea of the tests a helmet has to go through read this https://www.ridetsg.com/bd_xml_series/57/79025_tsg_pass_testreport.pdf

I would go with the Tsg even though I do not have the best feelings for their after sales support

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Unfortunately finding a TSG in my size seems to be impossible. Im looking for an XL Matte Black one

Why not buy from one of the many EU based shops? You will not have to pay VAT since it will be shipped to the USA and as far as I know you also do not have to pay import taxes. Shipping should not be that expensive either. Here are some reputable shops in Europe https://fulkit-skateboards.com/en/249-fullface-helmets https://www.sickboards.nl/en/60-helmets/s-1/helmet_shape-fullface

I got mine (XL TSG Carbon pro) on ebay.

What did you end up giving for it?

I may go that route, was trying to avoid long shipping times although I suppose awaiting restock may take just as long.

Sorry I actually got it from Amazon $420 with tax.

Never hurts to watch craigslist or facebook groups as well. Just make sure its new/unused or finely inspect it. I just picked up a carbon pro last night that was posted in a riding goup

I ended up opting for a regular pass over the pro because I have a larger melon and the pros apparently fit tighter. I had to order it from EU though