Looking for help drafting a battery enclosure

I was hoping someone with 3D Printer template design experience could help me get something put together quick so I can finish my board. I procrastinated so long putting my 3D printer together, that I now only have 3 weeks to finish my board before an event and, well, it’s a busy 3 weeks. My plan was to learn Sketchup, and for the most part I’m getting used to it, but I’ve run out of time to put forward on this this week and I’m not certain i’ll be able to get to it next week.

I have a rought draft:

The battery pack (without insulation or bms, etc) is 16x8x3/4". (I’ve only welded the battery together at this point, and it’s a 12s5p.

This is just a rought draft and I imagine it’ll need to be created properly and tweaked to add space for the BMS, ect. The pack itself is 16x8x3/4 without the BMS, and the length of the enclosure can go a full 24" for the rest of the electronics. I have the Sketchup file for review if needed.

If someone could assist and/or refer me to someone professional that’s in the this niche that is reasonable in cost, I would really appreciate it. I am looking to build on Monday.

Thank you in advance!

You’re aware that your front truck is backwards right?


That’s actually the back, but yeah. Only put things together to determine how much heighth I had for the enclosure. Didn’t know if I wanted to stack the cells or not. I actually flattened them out, so that first row is actually flat.