Looking for help from web experts

My website has been hacked, I need an expert web developer to help me fix this issue. Anyone out there willing to help me?

When I click on on any of my website links it redirects to ramdom malicious websites.


Beware: Do not download or install anything


For what it’s worth, I just tested on multiple browsers, multiple OS’s, across multiple internet connections and experienced no issues whatsoever.

That being said, could you try replicating the issue on another device such as your phone to confirm it is an issue with the site itself and not the device accessing it (maybe malware/adware)?

Edit: read more about this - appears to be a bigger issue

Hope this gets resolved ASAP!

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@b264 maybe?

This is what happened:

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Te va a tocar buscar un mejor sitio de hosting. Hay unos que son muy buenos y poseen un arsenal impresionante para evitar que te hackeen, secuestren o infecten tu página web. A mi me ocurrió una vez que me secuestraron la página que yo había creado con Joomla hace años. Aprendí que es mejor pagar un poco mas por un hosting robusto que pueda cuidar de mi página con las mejores armas contra la infiltración. En USA existen unos muy buenos, quizás sea ya tiempo que dejes el hosting nacional que ahora tienes en Perú. Las pequeñas empresas de hosting dependen de compañias mas grandes que generalmente están en el exterior, entonces porque no ir directamente a uno de esos y dejar de andarse con vueltas, no? :wink:

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Made a quick video showing what is happening on the iphone.


I second this. Surely, at the very least, they must have a solution. Even if its just a port to an old version of the software without the malicious code.

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Sounds like Versions of the plugin previous to 8.0.27 of the LiveChat plugin for WordPress are at risk.

That being said, it also sounds like Alan has already updated to the newer version, he just needs to fix the redirection issue at this point, or restore to a previous version (or read through that and compare the files and see where the changes had occurred).

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Hello Guys: The malicious code has been erased, it was a WP live chat issue, I just deleted the plug-in and install the latest version which had a patch, it seems 80,000 WP sites were affected because of this vulnerability.

Can someone please help me sending me a WP livechat message to confirm the fix?

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Hey bud, glad to hear everything has been resolved (hopefully it stays that way!!!).

I’d love to help test/confirm it’s working! That being said - I no longer see the option for the WP LiveChat on the bottom right corner of the page…


Thanks for the feedback I’m going to resset the plug-in

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Can someone try again?

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You seem good to go! I visited the website on my previously effected phone (which I didn’t wipe the cookies from) and its perfect :+1: I see the’ leave a message’ plugin as well

Thanks @anon64938381

Can someone please send me a whatsapp message? I installed a plug-in on the bottom left:



I would but I’m a firm believer in No Facebook, so I’ll have to pass. Sorry :sob:

Someone else come and help Alan :v

Sent a message. Was all good on my end.