**Looking for Hub Motors**

Looking for some high quality hub motors specifically Carvon if anyone has some for sale pm me!



@Hummie hubs. Just wait for the kick starter to go up and grab a set!

He’s slow to respond but seems to get on every week or two. Think he has two sets

I’ve got a set of aluminum Hummies (purple ones) that I’ve put maybe 5 miles on of you’re interested

Can’t find them - can you share a link?

I don’t think it’s live yet best to ask @hummie himself on the timeline

2 weeks! Everything happens in two weeks

In two weeks Your starting your Kickstarter for more motors @Hummie

Probably 3 really or maybe a couple days after

As soon as I finish sending these motors this week will be getting the video done quickly


Awesome…thank you sir…I’ll start saving then…