Looking for Hummie deck

Hello, I live in Florida and am looking for a Hummie deck for my build. I realize that everyone wants to have one but I just want to see if anyone has a spare that they can sell to me. I am willing to pay extra.

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Yea I know about that. The problem is the November shipping date. Would be nice if someone had one they wanted to get rid of at this moment.

I have a similar one without an enclosure. Sample that I’m testing. If you want it. Changing the final version a bit so don’t need the current sample anymore. 650x150x15



Price? :slight_smile:

$95 shipped in USA. I also have a downhill one.

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If no one’s gonna take it, I call dibs!

Sorry I took so long to reply, currently not at home haha. I am definitely interested, is that a Hummie deck? Or is that a lookalike? Look sick!

Not a hummie deck but similar concept. Something we’re testing.

Is the cutout the same size as the Hummie deck? I plan on using an arc v2 enclosure and their battery pack so I need to make sure that it will work with this deck. Also, does this mean a new deck coming to diyelectricskateboard? Nudgenudge

No, not exact same so if that’s what you’re looking for this isn’t it. :smile: Yeah, in the near future.

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Well I guess this is just a great deal that I can’t have :sob:. Thanks for reaching out! Am excited to see what will come in the future!

Price in for shipping to Finland? Got any more pics + hole dimension?