Looking for Level 3 Canadian to organize a group buy from Diyeboard.com

I’m interested in buying something on Diyeboard.com, but $49USD shipping to Canada is just not worth it.

I was curious to see if there is a level 3 regular in Canada who can organize a group buy. If we can reach the $400USD total, we get free shipping? Then we could just pay shipping costs from within Canada.

sorry bro, cant make groupbuys unless your lvl 3

@treenutter @Namasaki

Even if he can’t, it’s a good idea to see if it would be worth it. Someone else could eventually make the thing happen.

I would be in, I might buy a 10S charger. I also need a 190kv 6374 motor, and they don’t sell that :confused: Unless Jason can make that happen (I actually just asked him).

Sorry, I was unaware of that. I’ve had many pleasant conversations with @Namasaki and am hoping maybe he will grant me his blessing? Us Canadians have a hard time with eboard parts :frowning: Stuff is much less accessible and/or shipping is horrendously expensive.

I actually have a mostly unused 190kv 6374 motor that I could sell you. I was planning on posting it in the marketplace soon.

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yea he cant do that, you just gotta get someone else to handle it. I know @Lionpuncher is a canadian and hes also lvl 3. maybe he’d be willing to help his fellow milk-baggers out?


That’s so true… :confused:

You have my attention now :smiley: What motor is it ? Where are you located ?

If @Lionpuncher wanted to help us out, then maybe this thread could be converted into him organizing it (no pressure, obviously)?

If anything, this thread can act as a general conversation about he possibility of making it happen, which I don’t think is against any rules (I hope).

I’ll pm you the deets, since it’s unrelated to this topic.

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@landonkun if you want to you get a few to commit to buying parts then you’d have to pay for them yourself. Once you receive them then have them pay you for the part and ship them to them. You can only have them pay first if you’re lvl 3. Right @Namasaki?

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I MIGHT be able to pull something like that off if it was closer to the $400USD qualifier for free shipping, but if it goes any higher, I won’t have much extra money.

@landonkun I can’t change the rules but I think we can make this post legal with a few modifications. Allow me to show you what I mean.

Hey. Late getting to the party.

Ya, I was busing working on my grandson’s Drift Trike. Squeaky brakes.


Thanks! Do you think you could add Diyeboard.com to the title so that people know where I’m hoping to buy from?

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@landonkun what parts are you looking for? most of their stuff is also sold from other sources…

I suppose if there was enough interested i would be willing to lend a hand. Not sure if i really need anything myself but willing to help.


I’ll take a look around the site too.

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Any takers?

Even if just one or two people wanted to pitch in to save on shipping, I’d be willing to front the money first.

damn son, snitchin on fools left and right!

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practice makes perfect :wink: