Looking for LiPo battery for $50?

What is the best battery I could buy for $50? It’s my first build and I’m trying to get the best parts I can with my limited knowledge. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Something along these lines may be your best bet for $50~

zippy hobby king? never buy used unless you trust your life with the person cause these are the most dangerous chemistry

what type of range would this get me (I am 110lbs and I’ve got a single motor)

By used, do you also mean custom built? And what account rating (ex: Regular) would you consider to be trustworthy enough to buy a used battery from?

What voltage are u doing because I have a bunch 38 of almost unused really nice hg2 Li-ion cells I soldered together but won’t use. 100$.

At best 10km

To be totally honest, I don’t know, how would I figure it out? (If this is a stupid question, I’m sorry)

If that’s the best I can do for $50 I could possibly do more, because I’m really looking for a good distance per charge to get me around.

I’d take up hummie on his offer, it sounds like a steal

How far do you think it could get me on one charge?

9s 4p can be made with 38 cells and would be plenty… 30km or more? , you’ll have to add a battery management system and some extras, so it will cost more than $100…

Ok, I think I could possibly do that if I save on other parts, thanks!!

Or u can do it the cheap way and charge with a 20$ laptop charger and solder balance wires to the paralleled cells and use a cheap 12$ battery medic to monitor and discharge. That’s a total of maybe 34$ for Charging an balancing It’s the cheap way but substitute a high power bulk charger that can do 400 watts for 50$ an now it’s an awesome simple set-up

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Had a couple requests and questions about these cells. These are cells I potted in rubber with just pressure connections and copper strips. I’d didn’t hold all the cells in parallel together so I took it apart after one ride. when I put it on the charger it was acting strange, not while riding that one time though. In taking them out of the rubber I lost a couple of the cell’s plastic wrappings, then when I went to solder them back together I shorted one to some others in parallel . There were 48 and after taking out anything that isn’t sitting at the same Voltage it started at I’m down to 40 or 38.