Looking for longboard deck

I don’t feel comfortable with the flex of the deck I have so I’m looking for a new or used (preferred) longboard deck. Located in Los Angeles California. Looking for longer than 36 inches. Wide wheelbase, no kicktail. No preference for concave as long as it generally feels solid/locked in.

No flex to barely flexable. Minimal enough for a solid flat enclosure on the botton.

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length? type? wheelbase? concave? tail? social security number?


Updated 10char

flex? sdsa

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I’m also looking for suggestions for a similar deck. Let me know what you find :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Landyachtz Top Speed, it’s in if the decks to convert to electric because of it’s size and wheelbase and wide platform. I have in that needs some cleaning up if you are interested.

Open muirskate use the filter on the deck list, pick out a rad deck…we will have a million subjective opinions, you just walked into a bar filled with engineers and asked how to make a bridge, don’t do that unless you’re trying to troll, lol


www.skateshred.com That is all.


@treenutter runs it; engineered for “esk8” so you don’t have to guess on geometry.

try the Mas (my current order is for the same).


That too! :roll_eyes:

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I have a brand new Sector 9 Bintang deck for $75 shipped. This is a great firm board for esk8 builds.

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