Looking for motor mount for MBS ATS12

Everything is in the title. Maybe an existing motor mount could fit, but I have no experience. Needs to be long enough to accomodate 70T pulley. Thanks

I would check out this build thread.

Yes, thanks, I know it very well and even asked Peter a couple of question in the thread. But his hi-tech motor mount is home made and I do not have the tools to arrive at this level of refinement. I could maybe adapt one existing on the market but I need to make sure it is long enough for AT wheels and pulley.

@Idea is doing all kinds of motor mount stuff for MTBs.

I know, I already bought his motor mount. The clamp is however a bit wide for the ATS. I will see this wee-end if I can however grind a bit and then play with the tightening bolts. Otherwise I may ask Tom if he can do a specific clamp once I have given him the correct dimensions. I also had a look at Scramboards holder, but it is made for Trampa spring trucks and I may have the same problem.

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