Looking for Motor mount | Racerstar 5065 | Chain drive

Hello, I’m new there. I looking for a Motor mount fit to Racerstar 5056 moto and Chain drive. If it possible M.M. ship from europe. I have Caliber 180 Truck.



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Also, why chain drive?

Because I weigh 110 kg :smiley: I think chain drive will be better.

Are you going single or dual? That one motor will struggle alone

i weight 100kg and one of my boards is running a single 5065 and I can tell u it’s not happy… chain drive won’t help…

I would recommend dropping the pinion down to 12T to get enough torque to be at least usable…

I run 12T/36T belt drive (hobbyking motor mount) on my caliber trucks.


Single motor

I have a question. Hobby King motor mount will fit with

You now screw hole is 38mm diameter.

Thats a bad ratio 1:2 go with something like 1:3 maybe

You probably would be better off with a 6374 or dual setup

I would go dual drive I am using these motors in my current build and got 2 because you should be using duals if you have a smaller motor unless you are a lighter rider. @marcmt88 makes mounts to fit those motors.

No it’s not a direct fit, only 2 of the 4 motor screws will work. Unless you file the mount down strategically.