Looking for Motor Mounts. Help needed

Good day folks. Yesterday while riding one of my trucks literally broke in half (China, go figure) thankfully I was wearing a helmet. Anyway, I’m looking for a new motor mount for Caliber 2 trucks and after doing some looking around I found a few options but I’m pretty new to electric skateboards and not sure if the mounts will fit and work properly with my setup since it’s a bit ‘uncommon’ My board is from DIYEboards. I have a 5055 brushless motors (Link: http://www.diyeboard.com/270kv-n5055-outrunner-motor-1400w-for-diy-electric-skateboard-p-539.html) Pulley: http://www.diyeboard.com/motor-pulley-with-8mm-shaft-diameter-with-htd-5m-13-teeth-p-659.html Wheel Pulley: http://www.diyeboard.com/drive-wheel-pulley-35t-5m-13mm-wide-for-diy-electric-skateboard-p-542.html

Some of the options I have found so far:

I’m a broke-ass college student so I can’t really go out of my way to spend hundreds on a new motor mount/truck combo but any help would be appreciated since my e-board saves me loads of time/money getting to and from college.

Just go with regular 10" caliber trucks and boardnamics mounts. Its the cheapest option that’s proven to work well.

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Thank you for your input :). So I’m assuming there won’t be any problems with that mount and my 13/35T Pulleys?

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Ah. Thank you!

It should work fine. Sometimes pulleys dont fit over the hanger very well, so you need to lightly file the hanger down a little. The cast aluminum is very soft and easy to file. I can do a set in under 5 minutes

dickyo makes fantastic mounts too. My problem with the boardnamic mount is that you cannot use wheels larger than 100mm or it will interfere with the idler pulley. Dickyho mounts dont have that problem.

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