Looking for multiple speed modes ,remote compatible with vesc

As title says I am looking for a remote with at least 2 speed modes compatible with flipsky dual vesc

Have a gt2b at the moment problem is that I struggle to ride at lower speeds because the slightest movement on the controller sends the board flying off.also at around a third the way down the remote reaches max speed and the last two thirds do nothing

Set a throttle curve using the Vesc tool. It’s hard to know what needs adjusting without more info.

Have tried don’t really understand it though

I am currently using 200kv Ollin motors

I am switching up to more powerful 260kv tb ones soon

I usually use the board between 15 and 25mph so would like most the throttle for that and only the last third or so for higher similiar for braking were a usually slowly break

The problem is probably in your configuration

What control mode are you using? I use a remote with a minuscule travel and still can go slower than walking easily

Learn to set up a throttle curve that suits your ride style. What you already have can do the job.



@brenternet I am not switching because I want more power I am switching because these Ollin motors were old and have some problems with their magnets and are making some weird noises and are very stiff

@Pedrodemio I am using a gt2b remote

Post some screen shots of your vesc configuration

I can’t right now but can you tell me around what the throttle curve should be on