Looking for new 13T HTD5 pulley with keyway for Polar Motors

Are these available in aluminum somewhere?

Do Polar motors have 8 mm shafts? If so, Trampa sells one: http://www.trampaboards.com/13-tooth-x-15mm-wide-motor-pulley-fits-into-trampas-electric-skateboard-motors-36-p-12855.html

Yes, they do. I’m not sure who sells a 13t motor Pulley in the USA… How many teeth is your wheel Pulley? Your going to have a crazy reduction ratio.

We have 13T HTD5 for 12mm belts with an 8mm bore. Not sure what diameter the shaft is for the polar motors.

Did you end up using a 13t? Belt slipping issues?

13/36T would lack of top end speed and belt slipping is crazy on 12mm belts.

I’m currently runing 15/36T on 15mm belts on a CRonin truck.

10 or 12s?

10S on my Vanguard

Nice, I just finished my 10s but about to go dual.