Looking for owners insight on landyachtz evo 36 vs 40

im looking to build my first board my current board is a 39" chinese build thats 12s hub motor goes 30+mph and so far ive gotten 17.5 miles out of it. my main question is on the evo 36 how wide of a stance can you get my current board is pretty much perfect lenth for me stance wise at 24" is the evo 36 anywhere near that. ps i really dig the red of the 36 over the 40 thats why im not just going 40.

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The 40" will give you more space for a bigger battery like a 12s5p, that means better brakes, faster acceleration and longer range.

The 36" is better if your distances are shorter and your are a smaller dude and you will need to carry it often

I’m planning on using your battery and enclosure do you make a 30t 12s5p and will it work with your enclosure

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No room for a 12s5p 21700, I could build you a 12S4P made with 30T or 40Ts

Would you like a quote?

No it’s already listed on your site

yeah ive decided to go 40 wish it came in that red though