Looking for pneumatics

I built a board during the summer for campus. It works great at campus and it’s become a necessity for me to get to some of my classes on time considering some classes are on the opposite side of campus. The only problem is that at campus there are some massive cracks, some places it’s almost impossible to ride my board. Since I’m working 40 hours a week and paying for myself I don’t really have much money, so I’m looking for anyone who either has had some laying around for a while and they just want to sell them or someone who is already selling them cheap. My budget is pretty low, around 100$. I understand that’s pretty low, but I thought I’d post this just to see if there’s anyone who has something to offer

try @dickyho


Most reliable budget AT wheels has to be @dickyho but I don’t even think it’s $100

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I can probably go up more, but I wanted to try cheaper first

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@Dickyho is selling them cheaper, I think I’m gonna get a set from him. Thank you!

That is dicky… But if u order direct from him u save a.lil since he doesn’t have pay eBay fees

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Yeah, I just realized that. I’ve been in contact with him, probably gonna order some tomorrow