Looking for quality custom battery pack supplier

Hey guys,               Does anyone know a good Chinese supplier who builds custom Lion battery packs for cheap and good quality. Need 10+ packs of 8S3P built. For example who builds the packs for the Raptor 2 or S.P.A.C.E cell?

Trying to get a 10 of these boards built. See www.savage17.com.au

Just my opinion but the exposed wires between your enclosures make it look like a DIY board. What’s your price point and why only 8s3p? Where in Australia are you located?

Yer, the picture on site is a dummy of our current prototype. There is still some work to be done to make it a polished final product (so the wires will defs go haha). 8S3P is lighter (than everyones choice of 10S3p/4P) and gives a good range. 24cells will get ~25km which I believe is plenty for general commuting. I’m in Perth, Western Australia. I have one prototype pack from Masters Instruments but it cost me $400 for one pack… and the U.S can’t ship a pack like that to Aus. So I believe there should be a decent Chinese supplier who makes these packs in bulk for people like Enertion or Evolve at like half the cost?

Have you ridden the board and got 25km or is that the calculation you assume you will get? you won’t get that in the real world man. What size motors you got on that thing? What ESC?

That’s calculated, haven’t ridden that far yet so will let you know how far I get. Its VESC 4.12. 270KV 4250 motors geared 1:3.2. Anyways, back to the question at hand, recommendations of custom battery pack suppliers?

U should get different motors man those are tiny also you certainly will not get that range in 8s3p, you will however get voltage sag(this is helpful criticism not me being an asshole)

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Hmm interesting, I did go through some posts since this has been flagged by you guys. Seems a lot of others claim the range is much lower than my calc (for larger 10S3P), so I can accept that (wonder why my calc so wrong). Will give it a full range test soon and test how much voltage sag running these motors uphill. I feel they seem to run fine in Dual setup. Plenty of power with the 1:3.2 gearing. And sorry to reiterate this so many times, but where does everyone get bulk battery packs made for cheap (for whatever the final battery setup choice might be)?

So I suppose everyone is just DIYing their own battery packs? So no-one has purchased a reputable pack from China?

I built my own spot welded pack, (8s4p), most people do I think. Some of us on here are offering building services for li-ion packs, you pay for the cells at cost and then some labour on top.

Hmm, I see. Well these spot welders specifically for battery welding aren’t all that expensive actually. Might go get one. Where’s a good place to source legit 30Q or HE2 batteries from?

battery bro has them for less than $4/cell in bulk

Nikon.nl is the cheapest

Lol Nikon.nl just sell cameras…? Awesome battery bro do custom battery packs. Have you ordered a custom pack from them before @Jinra ?

no I’m only interested in cells

@darkkevind meant nkon.nl https://www.nkon.nl

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oh nkon.nl lol. Thanks alot guys, this is great info. I suppose I will try make my own pack then, unless battery bro gives me a good price on a pack.

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Haha! Yeah I totally did! Sorry messaging while riding! Lol

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