Looking for raptor 2 hubs. Badly needed!

Hallo I am looking to finish my esk8. I would love to have raptor 2 hubs !! Does anyone have a pair ?? Trucks not needed… Hit me up with your price and pictures please !!! Im located in Netherlands. Gr hoeksame.

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Jo gast, weet jij toevallig waar ik HDT5M pulleys kan kopen? Nederland, waar kunnen we misschien ooit groupride doen

Groupride is wel nice idee

Zondag is er een ride in Rotterdam:) Pulleys kan je echt overal op het internet halen…

Woon in Amsterdam en Mn board is nog niet af dus zondag gaat hem niet worden ben ik bang

Maar een Pulley met keyway en dit voorbaat nergen tenzij je paar tientjes neerlegt, maar voor 1 pulley hoop ik niet 40 euro te betalen

Thats going to be hard to grab right now…even the people who have raptor 2s are having a hard time getting the hubs!

Do they have to be raptor hubs or just hubs in general?

Maybe try and find someone selling a set of @Hummie’s hubs?

I like raptor hubs because they poweful af. I have pretty powerfull setup. I like them because they can switch between the 2 kinds of wheels. I like that… I already cnc’d such sqaure to accept a hub motor :slight_smile: I made them from evolve trucks:) But hummie hubs, i dont know anything about them… are those powerfull? Also switchable wheels?? Sorry. My english is my worst subject…

Gr hoeksame

Be warned, its a long thread! Alot of thought and care went into making those motors! Alot of community support and input went into the final design as well!

I didn’t get a chance to buy a set but from everyone I’ve read about, they all really like them. I’m pretty sure you can change the wheel out alot more freely than on the raptor with these.

Not sure you want the R2 hubs as they are now. They have some issues. I’ve went through 4 pairs of them so far. None lasted longer than 180 miles. Newest set only lasted 80 miles. Still waiting for some replacements myself. You might be better off looking for hummies hubs at the moment.


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Whats wrong with it??

Overheating issues, bearing issues, QC issues. Hopefully their new design works better. But those will be impossible to get.

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Yea they just had a redesign on their motors, they were running into a few issues from changing their manufacture.

They have re-vamped their QC so I’m hoping it does well for them.

But they are useless now?? Or are the hubs driveable?? Because The hubs maybe will only overheat when you put insane high A trough it… And bearing. Makes some noice??

Nah you need good bearings or your motors will end jammed one day while you’re riding!

They’re useless now. Windings are screwed. Bearings bend every time new ones are installed. Stator maybe crooked or the motor can. Not sure. I don’t think 30A batt amps and 60A motor amps is crazy at all.

Get the @Hummie’s ones. They seems well tested and powerful. Check theirs size. You might be lucky to fit others PU. I did fit both raptors and mellow PU on my INboard hubs.


These are the famous R2 hubs everybody talks about? The best board ever in the history of the universe? Really? :roll_eyes:

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Wow all those tires are compatible. Surprising.

They require some adjustments, mellow’s 2mm of gorilla tape, raptor’s ~4.

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