Looking for reliable remote

My current remote sometimes will cut out at random times it’s from eBay and got .5 out of 5 stars on this forum so trying to upgrade. Looking for any reliable remote someone has.

You could go with a remote from a rc car or search for a firefly nano in this forum.

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Is there a place I can buy the firefly nano online

the hoyt puck from what I have read no one has had any drop outs. However it is more expensive than most other remotes.

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afaik no, but you could reach out for a 3d printing company for printing the parts, if you don’t have a 3d-printer. Have you ever done a soldering job? If yes, go ahead.

This is the complete documentation for building this remote. It’s called DIY btw:blush:


Thanks yeah I do know how to solder and have access to a 3d printer.

The mini remote is IMO the best bang for your buck. It’s been super reliable for me and has a ton of throttle control.


You can probably find it cheaper if you search around.

The avio remote mini mod is a solid mod to reshape the case too.

Here’s mine: image


Forgot to say, that a GT2B is bulkier, but cheaper

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There’s a reason people use the GT2B mod…

ik, but I’m too lazy to do it :grin:

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What a rip off u can get the mini trigger much cheaper. I’ve seen it for 20$. Really reliable. Good feel. Modable. Long lasting battery. durable. Gives warning when battery low


From what I have seen so far it’s either 2.4 GHz mini or the flipsky’s vx1. Vx1 is newer and that battery isn’t fantastic but no one’s had drop out on that one yet and is not trigger style like mini.

It hurt me to post that link lol. I got mine for $30 I believe.

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I found this on ebay

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Even better deal. Free shipping. IM ordering at least two.

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Damn i really like that re case on the mini.

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Which remote you want depends if you are a thumb trigger guy or an index finger trigger guy. I personally like thumb triggers so i dont like the GT2B but alot of people do like them especially if you are coming into DIY from an evolve set up.


Every time I try to use another style I almost kill myself. Once you go with one you’re hooked. If anyone in Bay Area wants to take the thumb maytech remote and I have another…10$ if u grab them.

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