Looking for remote

looking for a remote+receiver with micro usb charging that is compatible with unity

maybe try out the aliexpress remote I really like it. Btw I suggest going to the new and active forum https://forum./c/esk8-parts-market Here is a link to the remote https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32972578016.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.44b54c4dHhoKEH

Try the VX1 or VX2

used one … i dislike the fact i have change the battery every 7 days and bring extra batteries with me … i want a rechargeble remote

been looking at it kinda want it unity uses vesc 4 right… it was sold out pretty early on the black friday sale… dont see myself getting remote full price

Have you looked at the Flipsky VX2? I have some in the UK but might be a pain shipping because of the battery. (for sale on the other forum)

The mini rc remote with 2xAA could last months with average use.

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yea seen it … not sure how i feel about it tried the evolve remote … doesnt fit my hand very well

right then… well someone is wrong with my remote i guess

I think the vx1 will be a perfect fit for u, it’s small, has all the functions u need and the battery lasts for ages

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APS will start again the production in January 2020. Has been out of stock for 6/8 months

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perfect exactly what i am looking for

vx1 looks nice probably would get it if there is 1 cheap enough… since i need a few