Looking for short Caliber II motor mount

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to replace the trucks & motor mount of my board, but I can’t seem to find a 50mm motor mount that will fit between the back truck & battery/ESC enclosure.

I have Caliber II trucks and roughly 9.5cm-10cm between the center of the truck axle and the enclosure.

Does anyone have a mount for sale that would fit these requirements? And if not, any idea where I could find one?

Thanks, Sebastien.

PS: And if I can afford to be picky, I’m in Europe so finding something in the area would be amazing. :slight_smile:

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@e.board_solutions has a short one


Did you look at @Kug3lis’s gear drive?



It’s US but @JLabs has a shorter mount (not sure on actual length) but they are 1/2 price atm.

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I have these mounts: https://electricboardsolutions.com/products/caliber-mount-v2-pre-order

Don’t know if they will fit, if you want I can measure them? :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks a lot for all the replies! :slight_smile: Didn’t think it would be that easy to find!

@e.board_solutions: That’d be great if you could measure them, thanks! Could you maybe give me the distance between the center of the truck axle and the edge on the opposite side? And what would be the min/max center distance with a 50mm motor?

Thanks, Sébastien.

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it’s 10.5cm from the axle center to the end


Thanks for taking the measurement!

But damn… That’s around 1cm too long still. :frowning:

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Will this 50mm TB mount fit with a 107mm wheel? @torqueboards

Have you tried @marcmt88?

I have no idea. Might require some modifications

@brenternet not sure… I’d have to check. We have our setups close to the motor pulley so the motor pulley might actually hit.

Thanks. I just contacted them to see if they can give me the dimensions of the mount.

I took a look at his mount, but they seem way larger than the others that were posted here, so I’m not too hopeful. :confused:

I’ll look into it again if the other options don’t pan out.

I’m still looking as well. There’s just so little space to work with

@LapinMalin it’s not that bad really… this is a short one made by him… he offers 3 different size lengths for different wheel sizes


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Thanks for the pic. Seems a bit too long, though. :confused:

Would you mind measuring the length of the mount from the center of the truck axle to be sure? :slight_smile:

If that was mine I would lol… mine aren’t here yet and I got long plates

@marcmt88 Any chance we could have this measurement?