Looking for someone to review my parts list / help me find parts


I’m pretty new to the electric skateboard scene and working on my first build. I have a fair amount of engineering / design experience with builds like this so I’m just looking for someone to help review my parts list and help me find parts if I don’t know where to buy them from. Please let me know if I’m building an unbalanced build so I don’t overspend on something unnecessary. Note I am building a single motor drive setup.

Here’s my spreadsheet with the list of parts https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QYG87utJIipCOcgKYN2ekOfifX2TSUR9soJGwMghBkg/edit?usp=sharing`

Definitely the wrong price for the remote, I wouldn’t trust a battery from Etsy and you still need an enclosure, deck and enclosure?

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Hi Max!

As Zach said, remote price is wrong, it’s 165 dollars ( I don’t know if you really need the waterproof option). For this price, I would more go with trampa wand (seems to have interesting features). Or if you want a not so expensive one, the mini remote is nice. (but no UART connexion with VESC).

I would also go for a better ESC (VESC 6), there are several options now on the market, not cheap, but I think it worth it when you talk about VESC. Or go with less powerfull motors because you won’t use all power of the 6374 motors.

Also keep in mind that you will have some extra costs to buy a smart charger if you don’t have yet. Also enclosures to protect your ESC and battery, maybe a few spare parts (always interesting when you go for a long ride). And the deck? Also Hardware price will go up when you buy Silicon wire, connectors…

Good luck with this build, I hope that you will make the perfect skate for your needs!

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@Johnnylamouette What’s the difference between VESC 4 and VESC 6.

Im gonna 3d print an enclosure. The battery has a BMS what charger do I need?

Here are the battery specs. The seller gets 5 stars with 204 of these sold.

Battery Model: 36V 5Ah

Nominal Voltage (V): 36V

Nominal Capacity (AH): 5Ah

Battery Power: 200W

Cell Combination: 10-series 2-parallel

Cell Size: LG 18650

Cell Quantity (parallel*series):20pcs

Charge Cutoff Voltage (V):41.8v

Rated Discharge Current (A):10A

instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A): 35A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A): 15A

VESC 6 is basically more powerfull, and more robust. Maybe someone can explain you more precisely as I’m not an electronic expert. I think that they will handle better running on FOC mode (more silent and efficient) and handle more current.

Even if your battery includes a BMS, you NEED a smart charger so it charges with the right configuration. Your BMS will allow you to balance the cells and prevent them to over charge/discharge, but it doesn’t allow you to charge it with a regular charger. Again, an electronic expert will explain it better than me.

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Will i hurt my motor with the current VESC? VESC 6 costs like 3-4 times as much as my current VESC.

Is this what you mean about the charger https://www.amazon.com/tangsfire-Electric-Batteries-DC5-5mm2-1mm11mm-Connector/dp/B0779RQ4Z4/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=electric+skateboard+charger&qid=1615659278&sr=8-5

Yeah that’s still disturbingly cheap, a good battery of that size should cost at least $135 in materials alone. It’s made of poor quality cells and will have shoddy craftsmanship, you should find a reputable battery builder, I’d offer to do it but I’m not accepting commissions at the moment so I’d go to https://www.duckbatterysystems.com/ or https://esk8life.com/


You won’t hurt your motor but you will not use it at its whole potential.

Yes, it looks like a charger for Liion batteries. Not familiar with this one since I have a smart charger that can charge different chemistries and balance them. But for the battery you want, it seems that it would work.

I see what you mean. Comparing the spec sheets shows that the lg batteries and a fair amount worse your right. Ill probably end up building it myself. Thanks for the advice.

Building your self is a big investment, its at least $200 to $400 for the tools to weld batteries together. Unless you plan on making a lot of batteries I would buy from a known source

Please read the ratings of the battery seller, he is probably deleting bad star ratings and in the good reviews there are also flaws mentioned! And for the rest just like @ZachTetra said.

What if I used 3D printed battery clips and bolts like this person. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2595461 I would still need a BMS but all together it would only cost like 150 with cells.

Look for nese or winfly modules instead

Thanks for the suggestion the winfly modules look good. Looking at Samsung 30 q cells. Best price I can find is $5.39 per cell is that a good price? https://www.centralvapors.com/samsung-30q-18650-3000mah-15a-battery/

Maybe go for P42A or 40T, more cell for the same price

The P42A appears to be a fair amount better for only about 5 dollars more in total. Thanks.

Heres the battery holder design i came up with


Duck battery I recommend

What is a duck battery?