Looking for stlink V2/dual escs

Looks like something went wrong with my Flipsky 6.6 Dual. Master side powers on with blue led but no green led, slave side works fine. I’m thinking it’s a firmware issue, and I can’t upload firmware to it since the computer won’t recognize it. Looks like some people have had luck with uploading firmware using an stlink. Wondering if anyone has one they don’t use that I could buy for cheap. On a related note, also let me know if you have any esc’s lying around that would work for a dual 12s setup.


Where you from? Just look on amazon for st link v2. You can get them there for less than 10$ easy. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07M5GLS1G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_c8OLCbJ76JTZR

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I see, I thought I had to get the full fledged $40 one. I’ll look more into the process, thanks.

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I once made a Screenshot from one post @Eboosted made. Maybe that will help you somehow: image

There should be also a full step by step explanation on here or on the vesc project forum, but I don’t remember where. Search function can help you for sure.