Looking for the good AT deck (twin tip drop through I guess)

Well, hello there stranger For my next build I’m looking for the good deck for an AT build (pneumatics but with a normal deck) So obviously karen, it needs to be able to fit those damn tires without getting wheel bites all the time, and because I’m already tall enough and don’t want to be mingled (thanks google trad) with the closest street lamp, it needs to be either drop through or drop drown.

Needs to fit pneumatics, drop through or drop down (meh double drop is going to drag the enclosure on the ground) note : the truck are not double kingpin, just 210mm wide That’s why I’m asking you what would be the good deck for me (available in Europe, 150 euros grand maximum !)

I think the arbor axis could be could, and as riako showed, it fits with the truck drop down Then, something like an Evolve GTX deck (or whatever the last model is called) ? But given the fact that it has double kingpin, it might be a no-no…

Then I saw a very beautiful drop down build (the basic AT build, I think), with a skateshred deck, but you know, Europe yayyy so nope (shipping and taxes kills it)

Last tiny note : Maybe more a drop through, I might wanna put some freebord binding on them :wink: :wink:

Well, that’s it, good night, kisses on both cheeks like the french do it so well


Am interested in what people suggest, I think many including myself are looking for a normal (not Trampa style mountainboard) deck for pneumatic wheels that’s still close to the ground.

my favorite cheap AT deck is on ebay

It has enough of an angle on the the ends for channel trucks. i weigh 215lbs and carry about 30lbs of gear with me and it has a decent amount of flex, and is not to stiff to make the ride uncomfortable. Its no carbon deck, but when i was using one it was fantastic. I can easily jump with straps to turn, and it handles it fine. right now, my regular board with bottom mount calibers and 90mm wheels sits as high off the ground as my old MTB with this deck. the only difference in clearance is that i have a top mount enclosure on the MTB. i highly recommend them. they are practically indestructible and for the price, well worth experimenting with.

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Redember Boards

A Landyachtz Evo ticks all of the boxes you have mentioned.

And Im selling an Evo :scream:

What a coincidence


It’s an mtb deck as you said, it’s not what I’m looking for but thanks !

You’re in NY, if there’s free shipping why not :joy::wink:

Yeah I’ve seen them a lot, but a new deck is about 200€ over here, and I’m looking also for drop through options first

As I saw on their Instagram, they’re in Boston so the shipping would kill it And even without the shipping it’s a little too nice for me :wink:

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Hummie deck?

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Maybe @bigben has one left?

Hmm I love those ! But for easier operation a flat deck would be better, I have a 10s4p lying around but it’s not flexible at all

I layer of carbon fiber on the bottom would really stiffen the deck up

no no, it think the hummie deck is already stiff but my battery is lat, like a plank so no concave at all

So is my battery. received_569705603533562


Well if it is okay for a flat battery, a hummie deck would be perfect, but they are quite demanded, and might be a little expensive well if @bigben has one (I dunno if he’s in europe, he hasn’t put it in his bio)

Big bender is. Not sure what he has left. If you can find the hummie deck eu group buy thread, comment on there. Maybe someone bought one and haven’t gotten around to using it. Maybe ben has one.

As my friend Spunkie mentioned I am in the UK. I don’t have any spare though. The are all spoken for I think. If one turns up though you would need to consider that the battery would need to conform to the contour of the deck and have a degree of flexibility.

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