Looking for the @hummie deck

i need a deck with a like a rectangular cut in like the deck made from @Hummie

Where are you located? If I remember right @bigben might still have some for sale.

Search for “drop-through” deck. Not to be confused with “drop-down” deck. A “double-drop” deck has both drop-through and drop-down.

I am pretty sure he means a deck that has partial cutout on the underside for batteries / ESC, instead of the cutout for the trucks of the drop-through decks.


yes, exactly im sorry i was so vague with description

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Montreal Canada

I’m just about out of decks. @Hummie might be thinking of doing another run of them?

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just about ? any other decks with partial cutout on the underside for batteries / ESC

@treenutter is starting to make some RedEmber decks with a partial cut out I believe.

If the deck has enough plys you can route out the space with a router

What do you mean?

I’m not sure how else to explain it but if they deck has enough plys of wood pressed together to make it than you can use a router to make that recessed area for the batteries.

thats a great idea ! im ganna go rn get a 12 ply deck from my local sk8 shop ty dude .

No problem I wouldn’t got more than 3 or 4 plys in. Do you have any sort of wood working experience?

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