Looking for the right Vesc

Hey guys,

I´m new to this forum and I would like to build my own e-longboard. I´m sure u read this every day , so I don´t want to annoy you.

I read everywhere that the VEsc is the best ESC , but there are so many VESC out there. So I need your help , what is a good Vesc for a budget . I found the Maytec Vesc and also the Flipsky Vesc. Can you recommend those VEsc´s?

And I´m also looking for a good and cheap remote.

Greets Julius

As usual my standard phrase: that all depends on what you want.

If you going for a beginner board or Chinese hub motors and don’t mind running bldc instead of foc the 4.12 are a good budget choice. If you look for something more advanced than better go with a vesc 6 or focbox/ focbox unity.

That depends as well too. You looking for a trigger style remote or a thumb remote?

I wanna go for a belt build, so I have the motor . But don’t know what engine it is exactly :sweat_smile:. Does the brand matter for the esc ? Or are both okay?

I would rather go with Flipsky. They might be a bit better from what I can read here, but that’s just my guess.

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come on fam, hit that search button and do some research :+1:


I would actually go with the maytech as they seem to be a little better quality control and there motors have been generally regarded as a quality part

I’ve had good experiences with flipsky.

Try to look the Excellway remote on aliexpress, the complete is about 27usd right now, for a budget remote is amazing!

i can help you pick one if you can list a few things,

1 motor or 2? what motors (size and kv) regular board or offroad what battery voltage and finally, how much torque/speed do you want

1 motor, i think it is a 125kV Motor (my dad told me) . I have different kinds of batteries , 10/12 C 5000mAh . And it’s an onroad Board. For a Bit hilly tarain . My weight is 95-100kg. And Speed would be nice Like 30-40kmph

how big is your motor?