Looking for Torque hub motors [SOLVED]

Hey community, im looking for two Torque hub motors. (collections/electric-skateboard-hub-motors/products/torque-single-hub-motor) Please let me know if you have some to sell or if you know somewhere I could get one. Your pal, Sunny

Contact Winning, its just winning hub motors, not sure if they are W4 or W6 though



wonderful! thanks bud.

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Hi! Ive actually got a pair for sale, and i live in the states so maybe shipping and all would be cheaper for you? :slight_smile:

PM for deets, the price is 200 + shipping


edit i checked the website and if youre in the states im almost positive its cheaper ^-^

I have 2x 75KV motors I can sell. Never used. PM me if you’re interested. I can offer a good price.