Looking for Trampa (offroad) battery case mounting solution ideas

Hey folks,

so i recently “finished” my electric mountainboard. Im using it offroad and thats why i want the battery case on top of it. My only problem is that i dont realy like my Battery mounting solution. I dont want to drill any holes into the board until i figured out a way to implement some sort of interchangeable battery case.

Right now the case is only strapped on, which works very well but looks rather dumb. i was thinking about using toggle clamps but these would limit me to one type of case only.

On the other hand, why use toggle clamps, if i can jsut open the case and just swap the batterys (2x 6s 12000mah graphene lipos currently)

What are you using? Im open for ideas and / or examples :slight_smile:

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go Jenso style, lose the case and use velcro, stick all of those batteries you have on it at once :smiling_imp:

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Zipties 10 charc

I used to use 1 bolt on each corner going all the way through the deck and a nut on the bottom. Never had a problem that plastic is super tough


I’ve got velcro and a single black strap on mine. Since everything else is black its awful looking. But its kind of what you have already, so I don’t know how helpful that is.

If you got strong enough velcro, that would probably work on its own. Especially if you covered the entire bottom side of the case

I use heavy duty velcro. It does not move at all.


I’m going with the following case for my trampa setup. It’s a GoPro case, I can only fit 2 of my 4 4s 6200mah lipos, so I’ll have to swap when the first two run low but I’m not worried about that because I don’t plan on doing long distances runs with my board. I’m going to use high strength Velcro to mount it, should work well because the case is kinda soft and has a flat bottom. imageimageimage


Very nice and clean look! For what is the left button on your voltage meter? I have the same but with the right button only which cycles on/capacity/voltage/off

Thanks man, I wanted something that looked nice and clean, I don’t like the look of a huge plastic box sitting on the top. I haven’t tested the Velcro mounting yet, but I’m thinking it should be enough. If not the case is strong enough I could bolt it to the board.

I saw the one on eBay that you have, I believe mine has a bit more settings. Like turning back light off, and battery type, also auto shut off after 10 seconds.

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I have the same “problem”, I think the best solution for swapping batteries is industrial velcro or dual lock with several cases (or none). For now I have the case bolted.

The thing is that without threadlocker the bolts getting loose very quick. On my first ride I lost 3 of 4 bolts. So a quick swapping of bolted enclosures is not really possible if there are no lock nuts moulded in the box. I planned to swap the batteries inside the same box as you mentioned. But I don’t know if I feel comfortable with an unprotected Lipo in my backpack going offroad, plus if your spare battery isnt exactly the same size you have to carry some extra foam.

Do you use any rubberspacer left and right? On my first case I didn’t but then the deck can’t flex in the middle (my metal enclosure bent). If you velcro it you don’t need them, I would put 2 stripes of dual lock on the deck (90 degrees to the edges), then the deck can flex and doesn’t harm your batteries/cases. dual lock is available in about 3mm and 6mm height, both should work.

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Velcro might work for normal lipos but those graphene lipos are way to heavey for that (tried that allready).

i guess i stick with the straps for now until i come up with an flexible solution

I have velcro on the base and sides on my batteries so they stick to the board and each other (solid coverage no gaps). All stays stuck…

simplicity :slight_smile:

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Rubber washers and rubber isolation pads too

Yup that’s what I use

I used to heatshrink my lipos and just velcro them on the board. But you´ll find out that they´re gonna get wet when you ride through wet terrain after a while, because you know… water´s a bitch.

So get yourself a proper box, file down the bottom riffles to get it nice and flat and then use some industrial velcro on it. You should be able to pick up your board only holding the case, without it coming loose.

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How many kg are we talking about? I have 6 bricks of 6s 8000 turnigy. It does not move at all. Well I guess you will find it out yourself.

hmm, i guess i can try this. the industrial velcro is after all way more rigged

about 3.2 Kilos. im using 2 of these

3.2 kg is Nothing. Take a dremel. Make the bottom as flat as possible. Put some high quality velcro. (I use heavy duty) clean the board with alcohol. Put velcro there. If you hesitate you can put a thin layer of silicone at the borders. It will hold that much and a lot more than that. Just don’t leave the board under the sun for long periods of time and it will last.

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