Looking for Trampa (offroad) battery case mounting solution ideas

Where do you guys get a case ?


This is the one I’m using. Depending on how you mount things, I believe it’s just big enough to fit a 12S9P pack and 4 VESCS. I’ve ridden 10km+ through heavy rain without getting any water at all inside. I just have it Velcroed to my deck and can carry the whole board by the case’s handle if I want to without any issues.

Si you have pictures of your on the board ?

like said above, this stuff is nuts! 60243-Heavy-Duty-50mm-c

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Do you have a link?


Currenty running 10S9P with 2 FocBoxes. There’s just enough room to fit the FocBoxes above the battery pack if I didn’t have my pack setup so that each series cell is removable though.

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got mine on amazon .it or .de don’t remember

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yep, thats the one im using as well. im bolted some screws though its frame and stuck in onto my board with velcro.


just to understand if I´m right @Achmed20 you use the 500 version and @michaelcpg you use the 1000 version, right?

If yes than that´s nice to have them here next to each other to compare. Thought the 1000 is a bit more going over the edges. But like this it looks still nice fit.

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jup, 500version, i like using Lipos since they are easier to swap. And my 2 6s 12Ah Graphnes fit just perfectly in there. Had to modify the case slightly and get rid of a few dimples, ridges and the pressure vavle sicne they were cutting into my Lipos.


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fit like made for it! I have 4 heavy duty 5ah. they to high to place them over each other and a bit to long to place them next to each other. so I guess I´ll need to go with the bigger one in case my 3D printed boxes don´t do the job.

mine didnt, thats why i got this one :wink: molded ABS is still way stronger then every FDM print could ever be

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may I ask you what range you get out of your 12ah packs?

16km offroad/woods and about 20km on streets.

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No BMS? Are you using a balance charger?

Not currently. I regularly check the voltage of each cell and don’t charge above 4.1V or below 3V though. I’ve had the board for about 5 months and all cells are still within >0.01V of each other :slight_smile: Using good quality Panasonic cells probably helps a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Pelicase 1150. I would choose the case according to the size of your batteries + padding.

are you in the states? i just ordered a pelican case through google express. $15 for the Type 1000


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