Looking for Two 190kv 6355 enertion motors

As the title suggests I am looking to buy Two enertion 190kv 6355 motors. I am half way through a build but the Enertion store is all sold out for the holidays. I live in the US encase shipping is an issue.

Let me know if you can help me out. Happy New Year

talk with @JLabs about some nice motors :wink:


I second the above comment. I have two of these 6355’s on my mountainboard build, and I’ve been absolutely shredding them for the past couple months with zero issues.

I also have two R-SPEC’s, and can’t tell a difference in performance between them and @JLabs motor.


@torqueboards also have those 6355 sensored motors

Thanks for the kind words @cmatson

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I do have some too http://www.unikboards.com - ready to ship worldwide

Ive got one, but in Aus used with 9mm pulley set

We have some Motors too in our shop esk8.de wit and without sensor

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