Looking for used parts in the US

What now you guys are just f****** pissing me off obviously neither of you can f****** read because in my second message I admitted my mistake that I got my f****** messages confused so why don’t you f*** off both of you f****** idiots f****** give me a bunch of s*** when I already f****** minute admitted I made a mistake f*** you f*** you going to do about it

Neither of you would have the f****** balls to speak to me like this in person and you f****** know it f*** you f*** both of you I don’t give a f*** about this account and I don’t give a f*** about you or your lives lame ass f****** punks!!!

And that’s the bottom f****** line if you don’t have the balls to say something to somebody in person and I know you wouldn’t speak to me like that in person you shouldn’t f****** say it at all p****

Give me f****** s*** for nothing you dumb f**** like I said I admitted my mistakes in the very next message my second message I admitted my mistake you dumb f****

And Leon f****** continue to f****** poke the tiger like the p**** he is from behind the safety of his f****** keyboard now you’re going to defend his f****** punk ass you’re both f****** stupid

Fucking selective reading lame ass punks. Keyboard warrior bitches. I would love to f****** tell you this s*** to both of your faces at the exact same f****** time cuz the two of you together wouldn’t do a f****** thing you f****** pussies

I’d rather smash both of your f****** faces at the same time then keep this account I don’t give a f*** about it and I don’t give a f*** about two f****** f***** like you either

Here Leon you selective reading cunt! If you ever grow a set of balls like a man and you’re in f****** Southern California send me an email and I’d love to come f****** repeat myself to your face [email protected]. f*** maybe I’ll get extra super f****** lucky and the both of you will f****** come to Southern California and see me. Stupid fucking nothings

No that’s f****** f***** got me heated now f*** both of them I admitted my mistake in the very next message and both of those dumb f**** didn’t notice that and started s******* on me saying that I can’t admit my mistake f****** stupid f**** f*** both of them selected reading f****** lame ass keyboard warrior pussies

Lol, bruh. You ain’t scaring no one. You’re the only one with selective reading. Even when an apology was given, you didn’t even dare try to see that. You just skimmed through it.

Heres proof:

Also, you better be glad you have the ability to even type the way you type. Because if we were on the other side, you’d be as banned as I was.

I don’t care where you from to be real with you. I already deal with pansies who only joins gangs to think they’re hard when they can’t even 1v1. Be grateful you don’t even live where I live. The same way how I’m writing is the same way I’ll be talking as well.

You ain’t scaring no one keyboard warrior.

PS, get the freak out my pm. Telling me to eat a penis as if I’m some homosexual… you must have lost your mind.

And we can talk too. I got discord. Come, lets talk. And I sent you an email.

Like I said, just ignore him in the preferences and your life will improve.

Preferences > Notifications > Users > Ignored > Add…


I wouldn’t say “improve”. But it would benefit him instead of talking crap as if he’s somebody. Looking less stupid tbh. Or he can join the other forum.

Works either way.

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Welcome to my ignore list.

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Deserved. My philosophy is quite different though.

This guy knows my philosophy very well.

Gonna get flagged again lol i feel it


Once again I’m not bothering you to read a single f****** line of your f****** b******* you b**** and I’m not trying to scare you I’m just f****** telling you what would happen and you call yourself a Christian you’re a piece of s*** is what you are f****** p**** keyboard warrior f****** p****

You lame as fuck. A total joke of a human being. leon the lame

B**** you shouldn’t talk crap if you’re not willing to f****** back it up in person so shut your f****** hole c***

Eat a dick bitch. Why don’t you go ahead and choke the f****** death on it while you’re at it

Would love to. Where do I find preferences?

Yes, I’m indeed a Christian. Not someone blocking their profanities horribly and certainly not a fake one that thinks they know what a Christian is when its clear they don’t. I’m also not talking crap. You are. I got other things to do you know. If you’re gonna bother me, you know where I’m at.

If all you can do is type crap, don’t bother. I got other things to do than to read a failure who can’t read a rebuttal. I’m not here for the fake crap.

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