Looking for VESC Heatsink kit

Hi, Ollin Boards does not sell individual heatsink units, they only add it as an accessory for the vesc (if you buy that form them)

I was wondering if anyone has any spares (heatsink and bottom plate).
I’m willing to pay full prices

I’m in NYC

You can get some of these and throw them on the mosfets and DRV.



NIce! I bought some of those. I got these ones though.

There are a couple of sizes and they have 3m adhesive on the back. My only concern is that, under the vibrations that an ESK8 produces, they might come loose. I want to test how they hold up to heat and vibration before I put them on my factory fresh Ollinboardco VESCs.

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I got the same ones! :smiley:

Does any of you guys know if it is enough to put heatsinks on the mosfets?
Which part of the VESC does actually get warm?

Only the 6 mosfets or also the DRV?

Depends heavily on your build and environment. Some people overheat their mosfets/drv, others run quite cool. I’d say most people don’t have heatsinks on them.

I’ve heard too many stores of ppl melting their vescs…so to be safe, I’d lik to heat sink this up. Especially because I’ll be using 2 of them inside my space cell pro enclosure

You’re probably reading about a lot of people running FOC. If you want to be safe run in BLDC and you should be fine.

I know as a fact that my VESC do get very warm (single SK3 6364 - see build thread 2F4M - BLDC). We have some nasty and loooong hills here.
So I do want to heatsink my VESCs for the next build and have some GPU heatsinks already. Question is, do they only go onto the mosfests or also onto other parts, e.g. the DRV Chip?

@chaka sells his VESCs with a heatsink option and only has it on the 6 mosfets. You probably don’t need one for the DRV, but I imagine it wouldn’t hurt.

I’ll have a heatsink for both the bottom and top. Not sure on the ETA just yet though. Kind of late though since who knows when the VESC 6 is gonna be out but would be a nice to have…

@torqueboards Add to your store :wink:

@rotorguru - Not available yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you are half right. The bottom aluminum plate acts as the heat sink for the lower fets.

Right, so 6 mosfets like i said right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right, also need to get the bottom plate

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or another heatsink, or another plate on top, or copper coins even if they aren’t actually copper

@ chaka
Do you put any sort of electrical isolator between the heatsinks/aluminum plate and the mosfets? If so does it affect the thermal conductivity much?

Is there any risk to produce a short by adding the aluminum parts?
Everything looks so close together :sweat_smile:

This is the main reason I do not sell this as a kit. If you install it incorrectly with the wrong type of thermal adhesive you ruin you VESC.


I tend to go with adhesive free thermal pads when I can, but the VESC gets as toasty as the AMD 290x so pads are not going to work.