Looking into mass laser cutting decks, anyone interested?

So I’m looking to laser cut decks, since a friend has some friends in that industry. Right now I’m looking at a Vanguard shape, but with no flex. The initial cost of programming the laser cutting machine is expensive, but from there cutting decks is cheap. I could submit custom shapes, and have many decks cut from that. Question is, would anyone be interested in buying one if I do cut a bunch? We can run through some designs I guess but in the mean time I’ll get a quote.

How much would cutting something like this cost? I can provide .stl if needed. It’s made out of aluminum.

We should have people post designs and have a vote on them or something! :smiley:

Well it’s depending on the length and width and all that. I’ll mainly be looking at cutting wood.

Yeah that’s what I am thinking, except not sure how to set it up. If anyone can do so,then please do. Submit your designs people.

why don’t you open another thread and link that to the initial post of this thread and ask for only pictures+descriptions of decks to be submitted to that one. Then people could like it on the other thread and discuss specific decks here? So kinda like the thread where people are only allowed to post images!

Interested yes! I’m looking for a new deck. My current one is 90cm(36in), and i always have my feet above the wheels. So i am thinking a 100,105+cm deck(40,42+in), with cutaways and preferably a small kick for navigating curbs and picking it up.