Looking Reasonably Priced BMS from China

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I’ve been wanting to build my first pack for a while, but i’ve been reluctant to shell out next to a 100$/80€ for a Besttech because there seem to be so many cheaper BMSes on Chinese Websites that claim balancing and ok-discharge rates. The general perception seems to be that they are unreliable and poorly made, but are they? The PCBs look very similar to the more expensive ones and more importantly they offer small quantities and free shipping, but then again doesn’t mean much when they are crap.

Any other opinions and experiences on those?

Thanks a lot Alessandro

You have to buy a minimum of two Bestech BMS and do discharge only.

Like these ones

Supower is reasonably cheap

Yeah, bypass the BMS for discharge and get a D190 for 10S

They’re around $30 I think

They wouldn’t sell to EU in small(er) quantities, and they are not selling (directly) through aliexpress anymore.

i can vouch for @thisguyhere BMS, fast shipping, great packaging and great price!


Check on ebay

Should’ve mentioned that im in Europe (Switzerland)…

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wasnt able to find any, just the usual Ali stuff.

Put that on your profile, it helps a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you maybe need an 8s?

I’m currently in need of 10s BMSes but my question here was more generally. Why is Bestech and SuPower the way to go for everyone and how did we get there - did someone just test those and they worked or do they have a good reputation also in other fields?

Thanks -Alessandro

bestech makes lots of stuff, its being used here for the past 3 years here i think, they are working good for people so why not go with them supower idk about it