Looking to assembly a Trampa board and need the help with batteries

Hello everyone, I am brand new to building but not to esk8. I am looking to build an AT or mountain board from the Trampa parts below. Unfortunately I don’t have the skill or equipment to assembly the battery pack myself. Can you please let me know if there is anyone in UK that could help me with the batteries. Also I am looking to install the batteries in the underneath tray.

Many thanks


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Where abouts in the UK are you ? Also have you joined some of the FB groups ? You might get more answers if you post on Carve uk or Trampa page (FB pages). Someone could make you a pack or you might be close to someone with a spot welder :+1:t2:


is a good resource when assembling trampa stuff

I am in North Wales, Wrexham. Thanks for suggestions. I will check FB