Looking to build 12s4p battery and enclosure for Trampa Street Carver?

I’m looking to build a new 12s4p board, something I can flip between AT wheels and street wheels, and am looking at a Trampa.

I’ve looked at some topics about putting together battery packs and trampa enclosures but wondering if I can get a concise answer. Do I need a spot welder or anything fancy?

I have a dremel and a small soldering iron

I’d also be willing to pay someone to do it for me if I don’t have the necessary tools.



Sweet baby Skatan!!!

You kids are driving me bat shit crazy!!! At first I was gonna send you links and be all helpful and shit getting you exactly where you want to go no effort involved then I thought to myself…You know self you shouldn’t do legwork for these newbies. at some point diapers and training wheels ought to come off



also because it is about knowledge @barajabali in us and @onlytesla in europe may be useful as well @trampa


Reach out to… @Kaly

I’ve used the search and found some ideas and had some questions so I thought I’d ask. Next time, how about you just not reply rather than be an asshole for no reason.

All I wanna know is if you need a spot welder to make the packs or it’s possible using a solder iron and regular wire.

I’ve reached out to @Kaly and unless it’s easier to do than it looks like I will purchase one from him.

I think you need a spot welder to make a pack, then solder with wire to make your 12s, (that’s what i have done) i bought a 1s4p then solder them with braided wire,

Dremel, thats the tool i have too, just need a bigger drill bit…

Btw i had @Kaly enclosure

Good luck.

I would not recommend you to to use a solder iron especially if you have a small one. If you heat too much the ends of the cells you risk damaging them and i dont think is worth it.

Some did and had no problems some ruined their batteries. is your call after all

About enclosure i dont really know… i would like to know how to make one myself :\

You question however is not specific to trampa builds or your particular build though. Your question is “Do I need a spot welder to make a li-ion pack?”. This is something you could google quite easily. Or even on this forum: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/soldering-iron-for-18650-packs/18626/13 Explains it quite well. Took less than 5 minutes of searching (though it wasn’t on the surface or my first search either).

Also, ask a specific question. The idea on this forum is create searchable content so that questions like this, that get asked 3 times a week or more, don’t occur again and again. The problem is, most don’t use titles or keywords that describe the specific data they are after. So thus, it keeps getting asked when people do actually search for it,

A better title would be “spot weld or solder battery?”, and then the full question. Now the next guy searches for this info, and it’s there at the top.

Sorry if you feel any hostility, none meant from me at least.

Personally now, I have soldered 18650 cells with no issue. I have done the calculations, and at 750 F, you need to be on and off in under 3 seconds. You could still do thermal shock to the cells though.

I likely increased resistance still, and thus, damaged the cells. But I have a decent weller brand soldering iron (~100 USD).

Personally, I like having flex in my pack id I know my board will be flexing. I guess it depends. If you spot welding a pack, plan it with full knowledge that spot welded packs are not meant to be bent. You will tear the strips between cells after a certain (small) angle, and especially a repeated back and forth motion (I.e. flex) would put stresses on the strip that would tear it over time (possibly really quickly also).

Don’t go getting your panties in a wad there little lady. It was a general rant, you just happened to bear the brunt of it with your question. You got your help.

As our community grows more and more new folks consistently ask the same question. More than 15 minutes doing any intelligible amount of reading/ searching would have gotten to the root of your question and you probably would have learned some other important,relevant info along the way, maybe even happened across a funny video or 10.

Welcome to esk8 world…full of fabulous rainbow unicorn titties and freshly picked taint hairs. No hard feelings.

Now go Read

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I am definitely not the one with my panties in a wad here. :grin: Sorry for cluttering the board with my rookie questions

Anyways, it looks really hard to build one of the flexible ones for Trampa from scratch so I guess I’m hoping Kaly can come through!

I hope this will help you a bit:

Soldering is possible if you use a strong, min. 80W iron and lots of flux. Apply the 3 second rule. Spotwelding is simple and better. Also google “Vruzend”.


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Good call on the “Vruzend” solderless kit option @trampa! Wonder if it will hold up and definitely would make connections between flexible segments easier. Might be a bit tight in your enclosure though…

@kaaaaahle - glad you could toughen up a bit and take the ribbing for the formless question. Just realize that while we like to help, there is an eventual rant or 3… You seemed to take it in stride and hopefully it’ll help next time when you have a question it’ll be a bit more formed and show you’ve done some research and just need to clarify something that wasn’t as clear.

Definitely check out Frank’s build thread on the flex enclosure - he goes into great detail with pics that should really help you out.

I’d suggest you search and read up on some street carver builds. @Kaly in particular has a few gorgeous build threads. I suggest copy one you like and you can’t really go wrong.

Welcome to the forum and GL!


The Vruzend kit is bulky and I think it doesn’t fit.


hey Frank @trampa I’m putting together my shopping cart to go ahead and buy a Street Carver board and order a set of both street wheel and all terrain wheels (7 inch). It appears from the website that you’re out of stock of the infinity and vertigo trucks, is that the case?


Yes that is the case. We are desperate for the new stock, which will arrive later than we want. currently we can supply the Ultimate version, which is a very good choice anyway. Titanium Axles and Kingpins…


@trampa Do you have any idea what kind of timeline for availability? Might be willing to wait

I need to check that myself. Our manufacturers were super slow. We should have had them months ago…

@trampa how about my missing spacers? I have pm you about this, yet I don’t have any idea if i will get them?

Do 8 inch wheels work with those Ultimate Street Carver trucks?

I like the idea of the knobby tyre vs the 7 inch one.

@trampa I’m trying to accomplish exactly what this person was.

It seems you were able to figure it out. Let me know if these parts are available please :slight_smile:

Hi kaaaaahle, the 8" wheels could bite into the deck if you use the inner spring position. OKP uses our wide MTB Hangers (Ultimate) in combination with the carve board. The Ultimate MTB bangers have 9.525 mm able pins, just like the carve truck hangers.