Looking to build first board

Been lookin to build a board, have about $450 AUD budget

All this work out to about $420

Single Belt Motor Mounted to Trucks - http://www.diyeboard.com/single-belt-drive-1400w-n5055-motor-power-truck-front-truck-kit-p-421.html

ESC - http://www.diyeboard.com/v11-single-belt-motor-sine-wave-foc-esc-speed-controller-p-523.html

Batteries (2x 3s 500mah) https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-5000mah-3s-30c-lipo-pack-xt-90.html

Deck (with trucks and wheels for spares) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AWOL-COMPLETE-LONGBOARD-SKATEBOARD-KIT-5-SETUP-DECK-TRUCKS-WHEELS-SKATE/263571321874

Basically I need to know if that is everything I need to build a board from nothing and Will that motor and batteries be enough to haul a 70kg bloke and have a decent rage of ~15km

Or would I be better off getting the 90mm dual hub motors https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6364-90mm-Dual-Hub-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard-Motors-Drive-Parts-Brushless-AU/152832782374

If you are gonna use China parts. Why not just get a China board. Meepo, wowgo, backfire. All in your price range and work out of the box. If you want power, make a dual belt vesc board.

They’re a bit over my price range. They’re about $100 more than what I can spend atm. I know I’m kinda rushing into it buying cheap stuff and I could eventually save up and buy a $1000 board but that wouldn’t be for quite a while. Someone recommended a single belt motor on 6s, similar to this one https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6364-245kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html I kinda feel like single belt motors would last longer than the chinese dual hub motors but I have no idea about electric motors and I would eventually put another motor on in the future to make it a dual belt esk8 while upgrading from the basic single belt ESC. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ESC-Single-Motor-Electric-Longboard-Skateboard-Controller-Replace-Control-Modul/123149565221

Would a single belt on 6s be roughly = to a china board?

I feel like your budget isn’t realistic, if you’re starting from absolute scratch you’ll be buying wiring, connectors, specific tools and other miscellaneous items which can really add up.

I may be wrong, and brutally corrected by someone more experienced, but unless you’re buying second hand quality items you’ll end up with a build the same or possibly worse than a meepo but have no support or warranty.

I agree. I would just buy a china board if you are hard on the $420. The only one I would suggest is the Verreal VS1. There are 3 price options based on battery range. Check them out.

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Yea, what other people said.

Not to mention with a home made build you will spend more time building and fixing than actual riding.

Comment by @mmaner just yesterday “For an extreme budget build get the eBay ESC Single, a sensorless 200+kv 6364 motor, run a 6s battery pack with x2 3s 5000mah Lipos (at least 30c), XT90s loop key, caliber 2 trucks, flywheel clones and a budget/used deck. I’ve build this deck 3 or 4 times and its usually under 400 bucks US.”


He even put links

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https://www.ownboard.net/products/copy-of-ownboard-w1s-kit-without-deck At least with these you have warranty and bolt on without modification, so no extra tools required. Then get an used deck somewhere

Similar to @mmaner aka The Legend, list: Esc Mount Wheels Pulleys Motor Belts Almost everything from @dickyho And with this kit you’ll probably have money for Sanyo 8ah battery from these Chinese boards.


What kind of tools do you already own? Tools cost a lot more than you think, usually costing equal or more than the cost of parts if you don’t have any on hand

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Please have a look through my build thead, I’m also an aussie so it might help with where to buy.

I would recommend build no 2 for you on that budget, and instead of the round trucks I used, get some HobbyKing trucks/mount. Some 97mm wheels are also a nice upgrade from Chinese 83s

Go with 9s, it will make a big difference

Skunk, I did acknowledge that “someone reccomended a motor similar” to whom I was referring. His links also cost more due the brand of parts. Might cost $35USD on amazon but for me to get them here in Aus they cost me $60 usd

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Cheers will have a look at those parts

When I mean I start from nothing. I have sockets, spanners, screw drivers, Allen keys(hex keys), drills, saws. The only tool I don’t have is the T tool skaters use

Cheers will definitely have a read on your threads

What batteries it has?

18650 Samsung battery