Looking to build first board

10s2p 30q?

Looks like it

@Grozniy @Superflim Seems like a pretty good board for only 240$ incl. shipping. And if you pay with PayPal its also pretty safe because of buyer protection hmmmmm :thinking:

Awesome deal. If only they had sanyuo 20700b, would worth the upgrade

Nawh 240 dollar seems way too cheap. Anyone try this for science?

Probably next month :thinking:

But i agree. Seems way too cheap

The lowest price direct from factory :grinning:

That explains the low price! @Superflim @Grozniy

i tried for science. figure its worth alone just for battery. will report back


Thank you! Hopefully you will get your package in a few days :slight_smile: please update us with pictures.

The site looks hella sketchy. Their board of 420 dollar same specs as there 240 dollar board.

The post that brought this site up has also been flagged…

@legend27 @danggilmore

I flagged it for spam because thats what it is. This happens every month and I just flag it. I am pretty sure on one of these links in the past someone didnt use paypal and probably got screwed

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@Superflim i looked over everything. i saw how all the boards have same specs and some info overlaps and da english is what it is. im praying 30q batteries which im pretty sure china has on lock now. they advertising hella range so i bet it is what they say it is just hella cheap. but for 239 i think its worth the risk. and of course i paid with paypal!

when you say spam, do you mean scam or someone just spamming their product?

Spam and scam. That post was off topic and offered no help to this thread lol

And yeah just because you use PayPal it doesn’t mean some other guy wont

:[ i was excited. haha

I agree. But for $240 and using PayPal I don’t think you can loose anything. PayPal’s buyer protection does not cover if you buy motorized vehicles. I think that means if the product is really shitty you don’t get your money back but if you never received the product you do. I’ll call them tomorrow and ask them.

I spent some time on alibaba and found a board almost identical for $240. Alibaba is full of electric skateboards for around $240 so the price seems legit I guess?


I wouldn’t count on it too much. If you receive your board and it’s got issues or its specs don’t match what was advertised, I don’t think Paypal will help. Even if you don’t receive it at all, Paypal might refuse to cover it as “Motorised vehicles (of any kind)” are not included in their Buyer protection. I stopped trusting paypal when, after hundreds of successful transaction over 15 years, I only once needed to raise a claim as I did not receive my item from Gearbest and they took their side.


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