Looking to build something with pneumatic tires Budget $1500ish

Hey guys, I’ve been riding e-skates for almost 3 years now started on the OG Boosted Board v1 and got the v2 6 months ago. I’m looking to make something to my liking. I am more than willing to learn stuff along the way programming VESC etc. I was wondering if you guys can help me. I’ve been on the forums and try to keep up to date with stuff. Anyways enough about me onto what I am looking to build:

This board is what I have in mind

  • Budget: $1500ish USD willing to come closer to $2000 USD if I need to wait longer and my result will be leagues better (the price includes buying stuff like tools ex: soldering kit)

  • Remote: the Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled by @solidgeek is what I’d like to use

  • Tires: some sort of AT tires is what I am aiming for I really like these Airless All-Terrain Off-Road Wheels but also cool with going with the conventional w/ air AT tires

  • Range: 20-30 miles of range sticking around the 25mph zone at all times. I’m also curious about chargers for the battery, what do you recommend?

  • Deck: sort of short, I’d like it to be shorter than a boosted length 38" however if what I am asking for above does not fit well with a shortboard then I am okay with. I’m also curious about enclosures as I don’t have the skills to make one myself and want a nice looking one.

I know I am missing a lot but I was hoping you guys could see what I wanted and help me make a parts list to fit my needs and budget. Thank you for reading this and God’s Speed to all of you :slight_smile: .

I am thinking you need Vesc 6 or FocBox :mask:

lol :joy:

i think that your deck should be around 36 inches

Deck - Spud from @JLabs Riser - 35° RISER FOR TRAMPA TRUCK from @okp Trucks - Ultimate Trucks from @trampa Wheels - 8" Alpha from trampa Hubs - Superstar Hubs from trampa Bearings - trampa Enclosure - On the works by @Eboosted Battery - 12s4p @barajabali @darkkevind Motors - 6374 from scepterr @bimmer Mounts - @Kaly @Idea ESC - ESCape @stewii

I think that covers the basic


I just got a moonshine sidekick, I’m currently working on an enclosure for it. It’d be my light board to carry around on short commutes


Thank you so much. All these parts look great!

As for the Spud do you have one already?

*Deck - anything from red ember boards @treenutter (though these are a bit long but sooo good) *Trucks - @psychotiller surf rodz RKP or TKP *Wheels /hubs- 6" @psychotiller Sixshooters *Bearings - included with psycho wheels *Enclosure - @psychotiller one piece *Battery - 12s4p or 10s5p @psychotiller @barajabali @darkkevind *Motors - 6374 190 kv from scepterr @bimmer *Mounts - psychotiller *ESC - ESCape @stewii or FOCBOX *Controller- choose your own poison


Where are you from? You can safe a lot if you buy stuff from your country and not ship stuff oversea :wink:

Look into Prism decks, they are sick. https://prismskateco.com/collection/

why to sell out 350euros for raisers if you can just get TB 218mm trucks hat can fit pneumatics…

I’m from the US

Thanks man this looks like a very good list, if I wanted to go with color tires could I order the ones I posted or the ones from trampa?

What pulley would I use if I went with the Trampa Superstar Hubs?

Yes I do. Hit me up.