Looking to buy 10s3p battery pack

Hey guys I’m following @thisguyhere advise and starting my own thread. I’m looking for a battery pack for my first build. I start a small custom skateboard business so a majority of my money that isnt spent of bills and cost of living things go towards helping that grow so it would be really killer if one of you guys on here could really do me a solid and help me out with this battery. So about the build, I am going to be using Racerstar 5065 200kv motors I havent decided if I should do a single or dual set up I live by the beach so there are not to many hills around and nothing extremely steep or tall. http://www.racerstar.com/Racerstar-5065-BRH5065-200KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-Without-Gear-For-Balancing-Scooter-p-115.html

For the Vesc I was thinking the FocBox mainly because a majority of people on here use them or the Ollin Vesc and I decided the FocBox because I have a mac and need software that is compatible with a mac to program the vesc.

Wheels I’m looking at Kegels 83a.

The board that I will be doing this on is a pintail that I use for my custom boards its 42"x10 its a 7ply deck made of hard rock maple

I would like to be able to get 10+ miles out of it as I would like to ride this board to work during the summer when it is nice out to save some wear and tear on my car and my wife’s car. My work is about 9 miles from my house one way so I figure if i’m cruising around 15-20 mph that would get me there with some juice left for my ride home.

So @longhairedboy, @JLabs, @psychotiller, @evoheyax, @barajabali, @chaka, @willpark16. If any of you guys could do me a solid and help me out it would be a god send. You can PM me that way your prices are not out in public.

If you are going to spend the money and your board allows it I recommend a 10s4p over a 3p. Voltage sag would be almost non existent with this set up

more details needed for your pack.

where are you located?

your deck is stiff and has no flex, right?

what kind of enclosure will you be using?

what’s the wheelbase of the deck?

these will determine battery pack dimensions.

but from what i can tell, you can probably get away with a flat pack since it’s 42" deck. like @Battosaii said, higher the P number the better since you will be driving this thing upwards of 20 miles a day. higher P will get you distance and continuous discharge.

whoever builds your pack, please consider lead time as most people need to get a hold of cells first.

I would for me to have everything to build the board by next spring around May so plenty of time I live in New Jersey 07719 is the zip code. The deck itself is pretty stiff maybe some slight flex but nothing like the flex of a loaded board. I have not figured out the enclosure yet as I figured I could use a eclosure for the vesc and the other for the battery. The wheel base is 29 and 1/16. I would not be riding this board every day to work maybe once or twice a month mainly around town as the car traffic is heavy and its a lot easier to skate around in the summer.

I’ve got a 10s4p with your name on it besttech bms

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@willpark16 could you tell me the price? You can PM me the price if you like unless you dont mind putting the prices out

NYC folk if you provide cells, bms and come to my shop I can put together whatever configuration you want while you wait. I don’t stock cells or BMS, people just bring all the the parts and I assemble it. I have nickel, wiring, connectors, and shrink on hand $75 labor for 30-40 cell pack Local only, I will not ship batteries, you can ship all the parts to me and then pick-up the battery though.

Thanks guys for some input. What would the range difference be between 4p and 3p

The simple answer is 25%, but it’s a little more complicated than that. It depends on your riding style.

If you stay in the throttle then the amp delivery increase with the 4p is really nice but uses capacity too. So not much range increase If you ride around 14mph then the amp usage will be about the same, so range increase will be substantial with a 4p.

The fastest I would probably be comfortable with is 20 mph. The max current for the most is 46

yea u say that now, it’s alarming how quickly that opinion changes

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I said from the beginning here that I would be doing between 15-20. The main part I would be riding on is pretty smooth pavement but there are part that are rough so I would not want to hit a rock going 25 or faster without and protection.

Generally speaking, at speeds between 12 and 16mph each P group will give you a 25% increase in range. It also gives you and increase in amp delivery which let’s you go faster and have more torque, so the demand becomes greater the faster you go. That’s why it’s difficult to give a specific number.

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Is anyone else here selling a 10s4p battery pack US? I’m looking for new or lightly used 10s4p 30q flat pack w/ BMS, power switch, voltage/percentage display.

I’m Looking for a 12s3p power switch bms battery display :raising_hand_man:t4: Lol

looking for a barebones (just welded cells) 10s3p or 4p in US plz

i would recommend hitting up @hyperIon1 on here. He’s building me a custom battery pack right now and I think their prices are good for what you get.