[Looking to Buy] 15T Motor Pulley

Looking to buy some 15T or even 16T motor pulley. Cheap but also good quality. US only!!!

Needs to fit 8mm motor shaft and for 12mm belt

2Pcs XL15 15T 5mm Pitch 6mm Bore Motor Drive Synchronous Timing Pulley https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0157NTA14/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_DHDNAbPGAJKCX

Sorry, needed it to be 8mm diameter shaft.

I’ve got aluminum 16t 15mm or 20t 15mm, if that helps. I might have a 15t 12mm TB pulley, but it is used. I’ll look and see.

Awesome, send some pictures of it :smiley:

You get to pick, cheap or good. Let us know which you prefer

Well im pretty sure you can get some good ones for under $10, right?

If you want to buy from a shady character, have it ship from the other side of the world, and take months to arrive, and be wrong when it arrive, maybe yeah. So is that “good”? I’d say not LoLz

Some of us who have already done that might part with a pulley but not for under $10 I would imagine.

Also, helpful tip, your profile is missing your country, if you add that more folks might answer

What do you recommend? I live in the US and looking for a US seller.

Depends if you want cheap or good, you never said…

I have this one you can have for shipping, does it fit what you want to do? You will need to get grub screws for it as they are missing.


How big is the grub screw?

I really don’t know, I’ll see if I have some that can be cut down or something.

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Anyone else got some motor pulleys they can sell to me?

Depends if you want cheap or good, you never said…

What are the cheap options and what are the good options?

Here’s a cheap option (<$4) that’s also good. I’ve put over 500 miles on one.

Cant have D-shaped bore bc my motor shaft is fully round.

I have an aluminum one I don’t need … because it’s aluminum. I’d consider that a cheap one