Looking to buy a battery

wondering if anyone is willing to sell me 2 6s 4000-5000 mah batteries.

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Why lipos tho

why not, what else should i use

Hobbyking is😂

i hear its not a good company i was wondering if anyone could sell it to me if they actually had one themselves

Li ion is better I just had a customer contact me because their lipos caught fire

ok so what should i get that would be eqiuvilent to a 12s lipo battery

anyone have anything?

@willpark16 can make you a custom pack or @torqueboards has prebuilt packs on his website i believe he has 12s2p 12s3p and 12s4p packs for sale

how much would it cost from willpark16

you would have to message him to find out

I’ve never had a problem buying from Hobby King. One time I got 2 bad Lipo packs in a shipment and I contacted them via online chat and sent them a couple pics and they promptly sent me 2 new batteries and I didn’t have to return the bad ones.

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I have never had a problem with hobby king. I just ordered (2) 5000mAh 6S 30C for $40 a piece. So $80 for a 12s setup. 18650 packs are waaaaaay more expensive, around $$300- 400 for 12s. Lipo OR 18650 packs can catch fire, your cell phone,l laptop, vape, etc can burst into flames.

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I’ve never had a problem with HobbyKing at all. Ordered loads through them.

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It’s also a matter of life and safety, lion will last much longer, and they are in a metal cam so unless punctured the have to be shorted which is pretty hard to accidentally do if you know what ur doing, Lipos are good if u want power and are on a budget but if you think u can afford li ion you will only be gaining not losing

You generally have to really abuse quality 18650s to reach catastrophic failure. I’m an esk8 noob, but coming from e-bikes/RC/vape nation/etc, I know I would have started some fires if I treated my lipos like I have some 18650s.

There is still an argument to be made for going w/ lipos ($$ or higher discharge rates, etc), but 18650 packs have other advantages as well (more stable, more durable (physically), BMS/charging advantages, much better charge/discharge ratings, and I believe they now generally have higher power density (kwh/kg) ratings, as well).

Yes, they both can burst into flames, but, IMO, that’s kind of a myopic way to look at it when comparing them. There’s more to it than whether or not they are capable of catching fire.

@namasaki can you post a link of those 6s batteries you bought

I’m using 2s batteries in series

oh ok fine

They have 5.5mm bullet connectors…not banana like the 3s typically do…