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Looking to buy an Electric Longboard

Post what you have for sale, I am interested in purchasing a well built electric longboard.

Any requirements? Like top speed, batteries, motor kv? belt? gearing?

What’s your price range?

20mph, and pretty decent range like 10 miles are my main requirements. Looking for a price around $400? I don’t know exactly what price is fair.

Just looking for a good deal I guess

@amack421 someone would have to really like you to sell a board capable of that speed and range for $400. You’d have a tough time building something on your own for that price, although it might be possible it you can make a few of the parts yourself and you’re willing to use the lowest-cost products (although most of us here wouldn’t suggest that).

The going rate for a complete from a DIY builder is roughly $1200 USD. check out @longhairedboy’s shop here or @onloop’s shop here both of their completes are high-quality, community-tested.

Maybe you can get a used boosted on ebay for closer to your price range, but you’ll never have more fun than building one on your own or buying one that an enthusiast has built for you!

Ive got an extra board that I made but didnt really use. has maybe 10 miles on it.
sk3 213kv 6s 120 amp fvt esc It can hit at least 20 mph and has good range ( i have a homemade battery in it but never actually tested range) comes with gt2b controller. I can make a new battery box if you want to buy your own battery. Ill make you one that will fit it better. ( this one is big and half empty since the battery is so slim)

PM me if you have an offer ill let it go cheap

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I have to agree with tree nutter, you will not get a quality, long lasting board for $400. It’s hard, even using the cheapest parts to build one for $400 yourself. My cheapest (which was also my first) build was around $550. It actually works pretty well too and had a 10 mile range, top speed around 20 mph on flat. But that’s if you build it yourself, and have a board to use also. Add a deck on and your at no less then $600. And that is still not a build I would recommend unless your sole purpose is to use it as a toy. For serious commuting, I would recommend going with @longhairedboy or @onloop or build your own with higher than hobby grade components.

No offense to you @barajabali, but I’m surprised that esc works. I blew out 2x 120 amp fvt on very small 5% grade or less hills, two different times paired with the rspec and a 6s. In my cheap build, I use the FVT 180 amp now because the 120 amp just didn’t cut it. I also tried many different motors in the 210-220 kv range and all blew out due to too many amps being drawn.

I fell into the false economy and wasted at least $500 before investing into some of @onloop’s parts. Never had any issue with his parts.

But again, it depends on your purpose and the places you will use it (i.e. are there hills), weather to buy a cheap one or an expensive one. With electric skateboards, you really do get what you pay for, and there is a noticeable difference between cheaper single drive boards and expensive dual drive boards, like @onloops raptor board.

They last a long time with me. Usually they only break when I mess them up. I don’t use high discharge batteries (so low amps) but as far as really high grade the motor chokes out and stalls before any damage happens to the esc
Plus the gearing ratio helps. This one is 40 15

I was also going to go with fvt 120s but new that 180amp was needed but that just negated the cost benefit and went vesc

you can still get the fvt for $84.50 usd from banggood, which is slightly less than the vesc.

Do you have any issues with the brake not always engaging? I’ve noticed if I go from accelerating to braking, I get smooth braking. But if I let it idle, then brake, its goes from no brake to 100% brake, even if I barely apply the brake, which throws you off the board (happened to me in my early days with it when I was going 30 mph).

I’m hoping to get rid of this problem with the vesc.

nope I found it for $54

which one? the 180 or 120?

An fvt 120 amp is ~$60 and a FVT180 is $80+. for that money I would spend an extra $40

120Amp is $54 I think

I think the 120 would be better for a dual drive setup. So you don’t have any issues with a jerky brake? cause I ad that issue with both the 120 and the 180. Different motors or controllers did not help.

I have a good understanding on car 1/5 1/8 1/10 scale escs and I use a 40amp esc on 3S on a old 400kv motor when at my college campus, and it works just fine one flat ground if I kick off. quite under powered but fun. If you are not going to be on smooth flat pavement, then you need a VESC or 150+amps. My personal anecdote and thoughts

i’m using a pair of favourite 120s on my 6S dual drive. They’re pretty solid.

Hey, do you still have this board for sale? depending on the price i can definitely take it off your hands

Yea I still have it PM me I’ll give you all the details I added some upgrades to it since this post.