Looking to buy motor pulley

just like the tittle says. Looking to buy motor pulley 16 htd5 9m. USA only. Let me know

You can check https://us.misumi-ec.com/, http://www.polytechdesign.com/, and http://www.sdp-si.com/

I think some users on here sell what you need

I have two i can sell you. $10 each plus shipping

shipping from where? Got some pics?

sf, it’s at home i can post later

alright let me know

Have 2 in 15mm for the same price??

sorry i only have these

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pictures?that’s fine

I was replying to flywithgriff, but yea i’ll get you pictures, i’m still at work, give me until around 6pm

if joe didn’t snatch those pulleys up I’ll take them if you still have them @jinra. (if they’re 8mm bore)

woops forgot to post pictures, here it is. @joeadams101 still interested?