Looking to get into FPV quad racing

Whats up people, been a little while since I have been on this forum. I am looking to get into building my own FPV racing quad/drone. I was wondering how many quad people we have on here and if there are any that are willing to help a noob out with a first build in the range of about $200, if that is even possible. I have a slightly damaged Blade 350 QX if I could salvage or use any of those parts. If anyone is willing to give me a bit of their time or can point me in the direction of a good forum I would be very grateful. Thanks, Smorto

PS. This video seems to be pretty good, any tips to add to this?

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Go ask here instead of opening up a new thread just to keep topics on ESK8. There looks to be a few FPV racers there. I too was thinking about making one of those