Looking to make a battery pack in Newcastle, Australia. help please!

I can’t see any pre made 10s 4 or 5p with enclosures that are reasonably priced and ship to Australia. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

Is there anyone locally that can help build a pack, I don’t really want the extra expense of spot welder etc on top of the parts.

Happy to pay for labour of course…

Enertion makes 10s4p batteries and they are located in aus. Check them out -> http://www.enertionboards.com/on-sale/r2-spare-battery/

Thanks Zack, no BMS is that an issue? Would have to add one?

Omg, I am surprised they don’t have a built-in BMS. This will definitely be an issue after multiple rounds of charging, you need to get a BMS somewhere. IDK where you can find BMS in Aus but just look online and you will probably find some. Or if you don’t mind, get a lipo balancer and balance them once in a while although I am not sure if they handle the balancing safely on li-on. Ask one of the leaders on this forum for advice. :wink:

If you charge to 41.5 and discharge to 35 the li-iona will essentially self balance. A BMS would be optimal but is not absolutely necessary with a little care. If you need a battery in a hurry and local the RE spare is a good option.

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Not in any hurry, I may go for a pre made 3p 30q pack if no one local can help me out.

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Lithium cells in parallel will self balance. But how can the cell groups in series self balance? They might charge and discharge evenly if they are perfectly matched cells but thats not the same as balancing.

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Just going on info from @PXSS and @whitepony. It has proven reliable with my 10s3p pack, perfectly balances at build with iber 100 charge cycles and all cells are still within .015v.

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My Phoenix had the groups in series not 100% perfectly balanced, when I installed the battery in the board I planned to use it like that for some days, after a week I disassembled the pack and meassured the voltage of each pack and I was shock to find a perfectly balanced packs, my 12S had each of the packs balanced to the decimal.

BTW I’ve been using a lab power supply at 50V and charging until current dropped below 0.050A

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Hi @moadymoad! I’m a custom battery builder located in Melbourne. Send me an email at [email protected] and I can get you sorted with a quote! I’m happy to make any battery for you, and have done so for many others over the last 12 months. Send me an email and I’d be happy to tell you more!

can you show us some pics of these other orders?

I can ship to Australia mate :wink:

I’m about to finish up a few of batteries - two 10S4P Samsung 30Q batteries (one is for an evolve), one is a 8S2P. Will send through pictures tomorrow when they are all complete.



How did your battery packs turn out?

Do you have photos?

It all went quiet after that post. I went with Kevin Dark

No factory will make them in a small quantity, shipping is expensive and because of small competition people put the prices relatively high

I wouldn’t say “no factory.” I’ve had my dudes over in China hook me up with some 10S4P Samsung 25R packs before. Complete with XT60 and BMS.

yeah I could have saved maybe $100 buying a spot welder and doing it myself but for the time and effort involved I’ll pay the extra

There are some companies who will make them for a reasonable price, in my oppinion its easier and faster to make them yourself a spot welder is not so expensive like 70€

Hey there @moadymoad if you chasing a battery builder in Aus again @TinnieSinker is in Brisbane