Looking to upgrade to Dual motor *need help

Hey guys. Long time no talk. I am looking to upgrade to dual motors… I am still rocking all my initial set up, enertion 10s battery, 6173 motor, enertion vesc…What 2 motors will you guys suggest and another vesc i gyess… that will be compatible with my stuff? Thanks!

I think most people would recommend dual 6355 190kv motors with dual vescs and 10s as the best all around solution.


You will need 1 more VESC, 1 motor, 1 motor mount, and 2 pulleys/belt, CAN bus / servo splitter cable, and an XT90 power splitter.

For motors you can run another 6374 and mount it on the opposite side of the trucks or get a smaller 6354 and mount is next to your current motor.

I am currently running a launch sale and you can get $5 off a 6354 or $10 off a 6374 when you subscribe to our mailing list.


Hey @JLabs very interested in mounting the 6354 right next to my 6372…will it actually fit? thats my only concern.

With 9mm or 12mm belts it should! If you have 15mm belts it will be too much.